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About Us

At One by One Music, we have developed music for pets suffering from separation anxiety. Collaborators include Waseda graduate students, Tokyo University of the Arts composition department graduates, Kumamoto University medical students, and professors from Azabu University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The music is created through repeated scientific verification and can be played continuously on the website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we plan to apply for a patent on this technology.


​What is separation anxiety disorder?

Please try to imagine.How your beloved pet misses you, its owner, is lonely, distressed, cries every night, makes strange noises, repeatedly self-harms, and dies in pain.


This is not fiction. This is what is happening all over the world right now.In Japan, the number of pets suffering from separation anxiety is rapidly increasing.
Why on earth?


Mr. A, a salaryman,, I've been spending more time at home due to telework and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, and I've started getting a new pet.
However, a few months ago, telework was lifted, and the owner, Mr. A, started leaving the house. A pet left at home becomes stressed out due to loneliness and develops separation anxiety...


There is no end to these cases, and the number of pets suffering from separation anxiety is rapidly increasing.


​The power of music

Having witnessed this situation, our goal is to create a world where dogs can live stress-free lives.

Direct intervention such as pet food or becoming a veterinarian requires qualifications... What can we do without any qualifications?
The answer I came up with after thinking hard"Make music"about it.

I believe that those of us who have knowledge of music can create genuine healing music. Since then, I have dedicated a large part of my college career to developing music specifically designed to help animals relax.

One by One Music's music incorporates plenty of special sounds whose effects have been confirmed through two years of experiments.

Just as we humans listen to music to relieve mental fatigue, we hope that our precious animals can live healthy lives through music.

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