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Animal Welfare 
Supported by Technology.

Save Pets with Music

​*Sample will be played


World's first experimental results

Providing scientific and world-first music through joint research with professors and doctors with veterinary licenses


Always new music

Access to the composed classic and timeless music in the process of patent-pending whenever you like.


Proceeds to conservation activities

A portion of our profits will be donated to rescue lost and abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals.

​Scientifically verified music


​Efficacy was verified through a two-year experiment with the cooperation of a professor at Azabu University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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Enjoy music on your smartphone or PC

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Smartphone, and Tablet

How to Use

Sleeping while listening to music

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    個人プラン - Individual Plan

    Every month


Kaisaku Ota
Director of Hana Animal Hospital / Model for the movie “Inu Club”

Movie "Inube" model​​

One by One Music, a music service that prevents separation anxiety and behavioral problems, reduces stress in dogs and supports them to coexist happily with their owners. As the director of a veterinary hospital, I wholeheartedly support and support this service. Please try it once. I think you will be healed by the wonderful music.

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