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Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law


One by One Music Inc.


[Operation manager]

Akira Hatakeyama


1-32-10 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


【telephone number】



【email address】


[Sales URL]


Please check the sales plan.

【payment method】

Credit card payment

[Required amount other than product price]

Internet connection fees and communication costs for viewing the pages of this website and using the services are the responsibility of the customer.


[Refund policy]

Due to the sales format of the product, cancellations cannot be made after the purchase procedure is completed due to the customer's convenience.

[Delivery period]

You can use it immediately after payment is completed.

【Contract period】

Unlimited (automatic renewal)


[Payment period]

Monthly update date

[Cancellation method]

Please complete the cancellation procedure from the homepage.

[Payment period]

Credit card payments are processed immediately.

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